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Mel & Jake

Mel and Jake first crossed paths in their teenage years through mutual friends. Little did they know it would blossom into a romance when they were older! 

The Proposal

After six years together, Jake popped the question aboard a cruise ship on the 25th February.

Tell us about the proposal:
We were on a cruise ship on the top deck alone having our morning coffee whilst the rest of the ship was sleeping. We were watching dolphins jumping out the water (perfectly timed) and then he dropped a knee and asked me to marry him! We instantly celebrated with friends and family who were also on the cruise!

What are you most looking forward to about being married?:
Looking forward to sharing a last name and eventually starting a family.

The Ring

Mel's engagement ring is a bespoke Toi et Moi design featuring an oval and pear diamond. It is truly unique and gorgeous!

What is your favourite aspect of your ring?
My favourite aspect of the design is that it's unique and a bit arty and I love the meaning behind it!

Why did you choose Class A?:
My partner always wanted to use Class A as he is related to the owners so it was sentimental to him!

Congratulations to the happy couple!