Linked for Life Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linked for Life?

Our Linked for Life service involves soldering two links of chain together on your wrist or ankle to create a permanent, clasp-free piece. Our Linked for Life jewellery is custom fit to your wrist or ankle and requires no further maintenance.

What does ‘soldering’ mean?

Soldering is the jewellery method of heating two metals to join them together. When fitting the bracelet or anklet, the joining links will be soldered shut to create a seamless piece with no clasp.

What are the Linked for Life bracelets and anklets made of?

Our Linked for Life jewellery is manufactured from solid 9ct yellow or white gold, making them durable and able to be worn in the shower or even the ocean! The gemstones set in our Starlight and Starlight Trio pieces are 0.03ct round brilliant cut diamonds.

Is it permanent?

Although designed to be permanent, our Linked for Life jewellery can be easily removed with scissors if need be. Alternatively, return to our showroom and we can remove the bracelet or anklet for you.

How long does getting Linked take?

We allow 15 minutes for each booking to ensure your piece is perfectly fitted.

Where and when can I get Linked?

We run our Linked for Life service on the first and third Thursday of every month, from 10:00am-12:00pm and 2:00pm-6:45pm. Our showroom is located at 40 North East Road, Walkerville. Parking is available at the rear of the building.

I want to get Linked with my friend. Do I book two appointments or one?

Two. If you are coming in with another person and you're both wanting to get Linked, you will need to book two appointments as each time slot accommodates one person only.

How do I organise an appointment? Can I walk in?

Unfortunately we don't accept walk ins as the Linked for Life service is only offered on certain dates. To book an appointment please click here.

Why can’t I see any available time slots on the booking page?

If you can't see any appointment dates on our booking page, this means that unfortunately all available time slots have been booked! Join our mailing list below and we can notify you when new appointments are released.


Can I bring a friend with me?

Of course! You are able to bring your friends with you for your appointment however only one person can accompany you for the Linked for Life service. If you are between the ages of 12 and 16, this will have to be your parent or guardian. Please also note that each appointment time slot will only accommodate one person so individual appointments are required for each person wanting to be Linked.

I’ve made my booking and chosen my design but now I’ve changed my mind. Can I pick a different design when I come in?

Yes, you can! Although we ask for your desired design and metal colour at the time of booking, you are welcome to change your mind to a different design once you come into the store (subject to availability).

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Our jewellers take the utmost care to ensure that your experience is nothing but perfection! The jewellery is custom fitted to your wrist or ankle and then spot soldered within a fraction of a second!

Do I have to pay for my bracelet/anklet in advance?

We require an upfront deposit of $30 for our Linked for Life service which is redeemable on your purchase in-store. You will pay the remaining balance when you arrive.

My Linked for Life bracelet/anklet is broken! Can you fix it for me?

Our Linked for Life jewellery comes with a 7 day warranty. If your bracelet or anklet breaks within the first 7 days, please contact us by calling 08 8344 7722 or email to organise the repair. Any breakage beyond this timeframe will incur a $30 re-linking fee.

I need to remove my bracelet/anklet. Can I get it re-linked?

Yes you can! Please contact us at or phone 08 8344 7722 to organise a re-link. Re-linking incurs a $30 fee.

I have a holiday booked. Will I get through airport security?

Yes you will! Delicate jewellery is not a problem with airport security.

I love my bracelet/anklet but I need to remove it. Can I get a clasp attached to it instead?

Yes, you can. Please bring it into our showroom and we can provide you with a quote.

Can I purchase a Linked for Life experience as a gift?

Yes, you can! Linked for Life Gift Vouchers can be purchased here.