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At Class A Jewellers, we understand the ongoing commitment required to uphold sustainability in the jewellery industry. With a skilled workshop full of dedicated jewellers, we are committed to enhancing and modernising our manufacturing processes. As a small but growing business, we are actively working to minimise our impact, striving for continuous improvement on our journey toward a more sustainable future.

Made to Order

We pride ourselves on creating enduring pieces designed to be treasured and passed down through generations. By prioritising enduring quality over mass production, we not only create items that stand the test of time, but also minimise waste. Our aim is to ensure that each piece that leaves our workshop becomes a lifetime heirloom.

Excess Materials

We recycle all precious metals within our workshop. With advanced filtration systems, we are able to collect and reuse scrap metal and lemel to ensure minimal waste. Where possible, we melt down any scrap gold and send it to third parties for refining. Our workshop has different bins for various materials, such as; filings and off-cuts, polishing and sanding dust, perishable tools and supplies.

Our commitment to minimising waste extends to all employees, including those outside of our workshop who are trained on waste management, and are actively encouraged to reuse and recycle. Furthermore, any plastic product used to store jewellery in our workshop or showroom is reused in an effort to minimise single-use plastic waste.


We specialise in remodelling jewellery pieces. Creating a beautiful new piece of jewellery by repurposing existing pieces and stones not only preserves cherished memories but also breathes new life into unworn jewellery. When you have a piece remodelled by us, you are contributing to a more eco-conscious lifestyle whilst also creating a piece that tells a legacy of stories across generations.

Ethical Sourcing

As part of the jewellery industry, traceable sourcing plays an important part in our commitment. All of our diamond suppliers are required to comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, reflecting our commitment to eradicating conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. We maintain strict standards with the sourcing of all other materials, including precious metals and gemstones, ensuring they are from reputable origins and are in accordance with all relevant regulations.

Our People

We deeply value both our team members and clients, taking pride in nurturing meaningful and lasting connections, seen over our 50+ years in business. Our dedication extends to supporting individuals irrespective of their age, gender, race, or diversity.

Community Engagement

In our commitment to enriching the South Australian community, we proudly champion various local charities and sporting organisations. Through our Linked for Life service, we consistently extend financial support to the Childhood Cancer Association, Hutt Street Centre, and headspace, recognising the profound impact even the smallest contribution can have on the lives of many.