By ticking the checkbox at the time of booking, you:
  • warrant to B & J Mucklow Holdings Pty Ltd (trading as ‘Class “A” Jewellers’) (ABN 73 144 888 988) (Class A) that you are 12 years of age or older, or are ordering Linked for Life bracelet or anklet (Jewellery) for another person who is aged 12 years or over (the person for whom the Jewellery is being ordered shall be referred to in these terms as ‘the Customer’);
  • understand, acknowledge and agree that:
    • if you are not the Customer:
      • the Customer will be required to agree to these terms before the Jewellery is attached to their wrist/ankle (or if the Customer is under the age of 12 years, a parent or other legal guardian will need to agree on their behalf);
      • the Customer has consented to you ordering the Jewellery on their behalf;
    • if the Customer is between the ages of 12 and 16, the Customer will need to be accompanied to the Linking appointment by a parent or other legal guardian;
    • the Customer must on request by a representative of Class A provide photo identification that evidences the Customer’s age before the Jewellery will be attached to the Customer’s wrist/ankle;
    • Class A may in its sole discretion refuse to attach the Jewellery to the Customer’s wrist/ankle, including without limitation because the Customer has failed to provide evidence to the satisfaction of Class A that the Customer is aged over 12 years or age or because of the Customer’s behaviour, in which case the Customer will be given an opportunity to return the Jewellery for a refund;
    • the Jewellery will be attached to the Customer’s wrist/ankle by a representative of Class A by soldering the two ends of the chain of the Jewellery together;
    • the Customer must comply with all instructions given to the Customer by any representative of Class A involved in the attachment of the Jewellery to the Customer’s wrist/ankle and any failure by the Customer to follow those instructions in their entirety may result in the Customer suffering an injury or otherwise suffering a loss, for which Class A will not be responsible;
    • the Jewellery, once attached to the Customer’s wrist/ankle, will be not be able to be removed from the Customer’s wrist/ankle without being cut off (or otherwise damaged or broken);
    • the Jewellery, being a solid 9 carat gold chain, is delicate in nature and can be damaged in a number of ways, including without limitation by being caught on other objects, and so must be treated with care;
    • the Customer’s use of the Jewellery, and the removal of the Jewellery from the Customer’s wrist/ankle, will be at the Customer’s own risk;
    • to the maximum extent permitted by law, Class A will have no liability to the Customer for any losses, damages, costs, liabilities or expenses arising out of, directly or indirectly from, in relation to, or otherwise in connection with, the attaching of the Jewellery to the Customer’s wrist/ankle and/or the Customer’s use of the Jewellery

Cancellation Policy

  • All sales are final.
  • Your service booking deposit will be forfeited in the case of late cancellation (within 24 hours) or no show.
  • Appointments may be rescheduled or cancelled via the link in your booking confirmation email or by calling us directly on 08 8344 7722. If you reschedule or cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, your booking deposit will be forfeited.
  • As appointments are only 15 minutes in duration and booked back-to-back, we cannot hold your booking time for you as this will result in subsequent appointments running behind time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will need to re-book your appointment at a later date and your deposit will be forfeited.
Re-attachment Policy

If the Jewellery is broken or otherwise ceases to be connected to the Customer’s wrist/ankle:

  • within seven (7) days after being attached to the Customer’s wrist/ankle for the first time, a representative of Class A will re-attach it to the Customer’s wrist/ankle without further charge (but will not replace or otherwise repair the Jewellery); and
  • at any time after that seven (7) day period, Class A will not be responsible for any costs related in any way to the re-attachment of the Jewellery to the Customer’s wrist/ankle.

Privacy Collection Statement

This form requires you to provide information that may be personal information for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).  Class A may collect, hold and use that personal information in order to assess your order and provide services to you or the Customer (if the Customer is a different person). Under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), you may request access to your personal information held by Class A by contacting the privacy officer by way of email to