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Sophie & Jayden

Sophie and Jayden have been together for six years, however they have known each other ever since primary school! As they grew up and changed schools, Sophie and Jayden remained in contact through social media and then reconnected at a bar many years later.

The Proposal

Tell us about the proposal:
A couple of weeks prior to the day, my best friend messaged me to tell me she was surprising me with a belated lunch celebration with our partners. All the information I got from her was 'dress cute'!

Jayden and I had purchased a house together 2 years ago and had tenants living in the house. Jayden mentioned to me that the tenants were planning to move out earlier than expected and that we were able to get the keys on either Sunday or Monday. Earlier in the week, Jayden confirmed with me that we were getting our keys dropped off on Sunday morning and that we should go past the house on our way to lunch as we are both really excited to get the renos started and move in together after all these years.

We arrived at our house and Jayden opened the front door. Me being oblivious to what was about to happen, Jayden led me into our lounge room where he had a puddle of rose petals, candles, flowers and a big neon sign saying ‘will you marry me?’

I instantly dropped to the ground and starting crying in total shock! Jayden then asked the question I’ve been waiting for and I said a big "yes!" It was a moment I will never forget. He proceeded to tell me that our closest family and friends were coming over to celebrate and he’d organised food and drinks for us to share together for the rest of the evening.

What are you most looking forward to about being married?:
We are most looking forward to officially bringing our families together as well as starting a family of our own.

The Ring

Jayden selected our stunning oval solitaire, GRACE, for Sophie.

What is your favourite aspect of your ring?
I love my ring! I haven’t stopped staring at it since the moment he opened that box. I love my ring because it is classic and timeless, and I can add some additional uniqueness with a wedding band. 

Why did you choose Class A?:
Jayden chose Class A firstly, because my best friend and I steered him in the right direction and secondly, because he’s a big Port Adelaide supporter and Connor Rozee got his ring from there so why shouldn’t he!

Jayden also really enjoyed his experience and thought the team were so lovely and helpful throughout the whole process. He is now an expert in diamonds!

Best wishes to Sophie and Jayden on their new ventures together!

Proposal setup: eventsbynk