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Cassie & Anthony

Married: 10th March, 2023
 Villa Vineyards
Villa Vineyards
Captured by Georgie

The Proposal

"Biems (Anthony) proposed on Little Cove Beach in Noosa which is our favourite beach. It was just a normal day, the sun came out and I told him I was heading to the beach. He joined me not long after with my brother. Biems was wandering out which he normally does as he can’t sit still and went to write in the sand. I was reading my book and he called me over to come see what he wrote. I walked down and it said “hey Cass” which is something he always says all day. The next thing I know he’s on one knee and asking me to marry him. I was so shocked that he had to remind me that I needed to say something. I eventually said yes and the rest is history."

The Rings

"Biems designed my engagement ring by himself. The concept was to represent 5 claws around the diamond as this was my dad's favorite number. Each claw is also a double so it also represents the number 10 which is our number.

For our wedding rings, we chose my ring design as it was something different yet simple so our engagement ring still stood out. My husband's ring was a simple design but what he didn’t know until the day was the team at Class A were able to take parts of his dad's wedding ring and blend it into the design so it is even more special when he wears it. His dad shared the news with Biems on our wedding day which was a really touching moment."

Favourite Moment

"Honestly, our whole day was truly magical. We have been together for 13 years and it was incredible to have all our people who have been a part of our love all come together. However, sharing our vows together was something we will always cherish."