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Bianca & Christopher

Bianca met Christopher on a night out after recently moving to Newcastle. The pair kept in touch and from there, their relationship blossomed. After four and half years together, these two are embarking on their next exciting adventure! 

The Proposal

Christopher popped the question on the 15th November 2023 while the couple were holidaying in Byron Bay.

Tell us about the proposal:
Christopher took me on a ‘surprise holiday’. I had no idea where we were going or what was happening, he planned the whole thing. Then on the second day, he planned a picnic on the beach and proposed privately with a cameraman capturing the whole thing without me knowing! It was absolutely beautiful.

What are you most looking forward to about being married?:
I am just very excited for our future together and starting a family!

The Ring

Bianca's engagement ring is our stunning and timeless oval solitaire design, GRACE.

What is your favourite aspect of your ring?
I love that is it simple yet elegant and very well suited to me!

Why did you choose Class A?:
I chose Class A as my family has always been going there and have spoken so highly of it. I also know Ben (Jeweller) and knew he would be able to help me choose the perfect ring!

Wishing Bianca and Christopher all the best on their next chapter!