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Monique & Nathan

Proposal: 23rd April, 2023
 The Currant Shed, McLaren Vale

The Proposal

"We had lunch booked with friends at The Currant Shed in McLaren Vale. We’d arrived at the restaurant before them and sat down to enjoy the view of the vineyards and their beautiful garden to which I had already commented how nice it would be to get married here. Our friends were ‘running late’ but little did I know they’d gone to our house after we left to pick up our puppy as she was about play a very important role in the proposal...

I continued to look out at the scenery for a few minutes until I saw a cute fluffy dog being walked through the garden (by Nathan’s best friend, Jack), who I thought looked a lot like Maisie, until I realised it was her. She was wearing a bandana around her neck & without reading the writing I already knew what it said. Nathan asked if I wanted to go and see her so we got up and walked towards them. I was crying the entire time, and as we got closer, Maisie’s bandana became more visible. ‘Mum, will you marry my dad?’ Nathan was down on one knee, he said ‘you’re my best friend, I love you and the life we have together. Will you marry me?’ I was crying so hard and managed to blubber out a yes somehow, and the ring fit on my finger so perfectly like it was just made to be there. All of this happened in front of the entire restaurant who were all cheering and clapping as we gave each other the biggest hug and a few kisses to celebrate the moment.

We stayed for a long lunch, just us two, and many glasses of wine later. Turns out the staff were all in on it, he’d even gone there the week before with his mate, Jack, to rehearse how he would walk over with Maisie and how his partner, Sheri, would film the entire thing for us.

After lunch, Jack & Sheri picked us up and Nathan suggested we kick on for a drink nearby. Where I soon found out both of our families were waiting to celebrate with us which continued well into the evening. It was a day full of surprises, happy tears, and a whole lot of love.

We’re still floating around in our love bubble days later, and I can’t stop staring at my beautiful engagement ring."