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Isabella & Jacob

Proposal: 4th February, 2023
Macclesfield, SA

The Proposal

"My now Fiancé had organised this very romantic weekend away in a Tiny House in Macclesfield SA. After settling in our cosy place for the weekend, Jacob had a few surprises up his sleeve and the first was when he stated that our 'ride' was here for our picnic. He had organised a donkey drawn cart ready to take us (brownie points for him as I am a lover of animals!). We rode our way through the town and snuggled up in the back of the cart with a blanket (it was quite a cold summer day).

We then got to a lake called The Crystal Lake (more brownie points given as I am lover of crystals too!). The lake was covered in moss and mushrooms and it looked like fairies lived there! We then got to this cute table and chairs set up where there was rose petals everywhere and music playing in the background (Michael Bublé, my fav!!).

Jacob helped me off the cart and I went over to have a look at the champagne and food goodies displayed on the table. As I turned back around, he was on one knee and it was the easiest YES I have ever said. I then wiped the tear he told me he wouldn't shed away from his face and we drank all the champagne and danced away the evening in the trees together, ready to start our next journey!"