Married:              30th July, 2016
Sheraton Fiji Resort, Fiji
Sheraton Fiji Resort, Fiji
 Ben & Hope Photography

The Proposal

"Ash and I knew of each other for a few years but were never in the right position to pursue each other. We met through a mutual friend and one day we just started talking. It all started from there and soon enough we fell in love and started visiting each other's families and moving in together.

In October 2013 we had a lovely holiday planned to go with family to Hawaii. It was a very exciting time as I would be there for my birthday (little did I know that Ash had the day all planned out!). On my birthday, we went for a late night walk along Waikiki Beach. It was a beautiful, calm night and the waves were rolling in quietly. Ash started to tell me of how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me while getting down on one knee. Overjoyed with happiness, I leapt into his arms and we laid on the sand crying with happiness. It was the most romantic moment.


The Ring

"Little did I know, Ash had been ring shopping for while with not a lot of luck, until he walked into Class A Jewellers. There he was welcomed by an old school friend, Nicole who was able to help him design the ring he wanted...and it was perfect!! Completely perfect, even down to the size. Ash did an amazing job designing my ring. He knew exactly what I hoped for and got it right."


The Wedding

Following on from their engagement in Hawaii, Lauren and Ash wanted to continue with the tropical theme and have a tropical destination wedding as well. After much deliberation they decided on Fiji which offered not only a beautiful wedding location, but the perfect place for their dream honeymoon too. The small wedding ceremony of 30 guests was held on the beachfront just before sunset, followed by a gorgeous reception under palm trees, twinkling fairy lights and lanterns.

As the bonbonniere, each guest was presented with a handcrafted wooden turtle – a symbol of prosperity & longevity in Fijian culture. 


Favourite Moment

“One of the most memorable moments was the 'pre reveal' Ashley and I had arranged before our ceremony. Being able to have this private moment together made seeing each other for the first time even more special. We met at the entrance of the hotel lobby where they had a beautiful wooden staircase leading down to a little pontoon on their pool/pond. Ash was waiting patiently for me on the wooden pontoon with his back turned to me as I walked down the stairs towards him. The feelings of being nervous quickly washed away with excitement as we turned to see each other for the first time. We took each other's breath away and tears of happiness began to flow. Even if the heel of my shoe was stuck in the wood plank and I nearly fell in the water, it made us laugh and made it so special."

"Another magical, unbelievable moment was finally being able to say 'I do'. I've wanted to say 'I do' to Ash for a long time and finally I can call myself his wife. He is my dream come true, my knight in shining armour and my Price Charming."