Married:             29th April, 2017
Glanville Hall
Club West Lakes
Gainsborough Studio

The Proposal

"It was a lovely Saturday morning hanging out in local Semaphore. We decided on the spur of the moment to go for a picnic at Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. Lucy actually suggested the picnic and Dave realised this was the opportunity needed to finally propose with the ring he'd been hiding in his bedside drawer for the past two months!

Dave tried to suggest Lucy put something warmer on than her Hogwarts jumper but she laughed him off. When they arrived at Mount Lofty, it had begun to lightly rain and Lucy was secretly a little annoyed at Dave's lack of gallantry by not offering her his coat. They found a bench sheltered under a beautiful tree and just as Lucy settled down Dave made her swap sides with him as he knew all too well she'd seek warmth for her hand in his coat pocket which contained the ring!!

Dave suggested they look at the view, met by a little resistance from his chilly partner, and seemed agitated by the family taking happy snaps in the otherwise deserted area! Lucy was just pondering his behaviour as she turned around to find him on bent knee! All Dave managed to get out was "Will you..?" And Lucy said "Are you serious?" And hugged him before they realised she needed to confirm they were engaged with a yes!"

The Ring

"Dave wanted Lucy to be surprised by the engagement and arrived at Class A completely clueless apart from wanting it to look a bit like a flower and to incorporate part of his late mother's engagement ring into Lucy's. Lucky for Dave, the amazing Daniel was the first person to greet him and guided him along the path of designing his own ring. Dave wanted something classic and beautiful, just like his bride to be!

We were so in love with the ring that we wanted to get unique wedding bands too! Because of Lucy's unique ring design, she wanted her wedding band to be subtle, so that they could be worn together. Dave wanted a wood grain style ring, something tied to nature and fantasy, we found some beautiful designs online for inspiration but the talented team's custom made design was incomparably better!"

Favourite Moment

"So very hard to narrow down just one moment! Highlights included: Dave greeting everyone as they arrived, lighting a candle in memory of Dave's mum, Lucy's cousin and brother playing some of our favourite songs throughout the ceremony, exchanging our secretly written vowels, our first married kiss and walking hand in hand down the aisle, getting cheesecake and coffee with our photographer on our shoot, and coming into our reception surrounded by loving family and friends to dance the night away enjoying all the delicious fruits of our labour!"