Married:             25th November, 2017
The Monastery: Parish of St Paul of the Cross 
Donato Reception Centre 
B Captured by Ky Luu - Tony Fu

The Proposal

"Adrian took me to the Gold Class Cinemas at Marion to see Captain America. When we arrived the cinema was empty which I thought was a bit strange. The previews began and suddenly the screen went black and the song 'Marry You' by Bruno Mars (one of my favourite songs!) started to play while pictures of Adrian & I scrolled across the screen. The last slide was one with the words: Jessica Will You Marry Me?. The next thing I knew, Adrian was on one knee in front of me with a beautiful diamond ring."

The Ring

"Adrian always knew this would be tricky for him to choose the right ring for me, given that I work here at Class A. So along the years, I had hinted to Adrian that I liked a round brilliant cut diamond set in six claws. I still wanted him to choose the ring, so I always said that when the time was right, that he could choose the style of the band. Adrian ending up coming in on my day off and organised the design with Brad. He completely surprised me, as everyone here at Class A kept it a secret from me! He chose a six claw classic solitaire ring, which I absolutely love!!!"

Favourite Moment

"In the year leading up to the wedding, I would always ask Adrian what he thought my wedding dress was going to look like. Every time I asked, he would say the same thing; ivory colour, v-shaped neckline with the straps not being too thin or too thick, fitted shape, lace to the floor and with a low back. When he told me this, I could not believe he nearly got everything right. He knows me too well!

My favourite moment would have to be walking down the aisle with my dad, seeing Adrian standing at the alter with a smile on his face and a tear in his eye. In the morning before the ceremony, I was starting to feel all the nerves, which were instantly settled when I was standing outside the church waiting to walk down the aisle. The first thing he said to me was that I looked beautiful, and then the second thing he said, was that he was right about my wedding dress!!

We both loved spending time in the day with our bridal party, having photos at a few different locations and also our firework entrance and first dance."