Shannon & David

Married: 24th November, 2018
Maximilian's Restaurant
Maximilian's Restaurant
B Captured by Ky Luu - Tony Fu

The Proposal

"Our proposal was very simple but a complete shock to me. We were outside cleaning and I spilt some water on my ugg boots which I was very annoyed about. Dave offered to clean them and whilst down there he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was nothing like he had planned but still a shock to me."

The Ring

"Class A made my mother’s and my grandmother's wedding rings so it was very important to me to go back to the same jeweller. I have always loved a 1 carat solitaire and knew this would be my perfect ring. Dave and I went in together to see Brad. Class A then took Dave’s Dad's wedding ring who had passed away and cleaned it up for us and engraved our wedding date and his parent's wedding date in the ring which was a beautiful touch."

Favourite Moment

"There are so many to list but a few of our/my favourites were:

- Walking down the aisle. I felt so calm and happy. It was just a beautiful moment seeing our friends and family and Dave waiting for me at the end.

- Surprising Dave with our furbaby Bailey arriving after the ceremony for some family photos.

- My sister's speech. She shocked everyone by rapping her Maid of Honour speech to us. It was AMAZING!!!

- My surprise wedding swing. Our florist is a big friend to me and someone I have worked with in the wedding industry for many years. As her gift to us she surprised me with a swing! I couldn’t believe it when I walked around the corner and it was hanging there!

The overall vibe and energy from the night is something I’ll never forget! We were on cloud nine and everyone has since commented how amazing, fun and laidback our wedding was. We took it all in and enjoyed every moment."