Yasmin & Nestor

Proposal: 12th December, 2020
 Silvestri's of Clarendon
Photographer: Laurence Gibbs Photography

The Proposal

"Our eight year anniversary was coming up and Nestor told me that he had planned a surprise to celebrate. We drove up into the hills to a spot that was lovely. Nestor knows I LOVE going on a picnic so he told me that's what he had planned, but when he picked me up wearing a suit I was a bit suspicious.

We arrived to our location and it was stunning. Nestor led me to the restaurant where he said we had to meet someone. Once inside he told me he forgot his wallet. I stayed inside chatting to the owner until he said, "maybe we should go see where your partner has run off to". Once I was lead outside into the gardens, I instantly became nervous. I turned a corner and saw a white aisle with white roses and candles all the way leading up to a beautiful rotunda. One of our favourite songs, A Whole New World, was playing. I made my way up the aisle and once I reached Nestor I instantly began to ugly cry. Before I knew it he was on one knee asking me to be his wife.

After eight years in love and ten years of friendship, I can't believe I'm going to be Nestor's wife."