Skyy & Doug

Proposal: 1st March, 2021
 Watervale, Clare Valley

The Proposal

"Doug and I designed the ring together as I always knew I wanted an emerald, like both of my aunties. I had a vague idea of when the ring would be ready but not the exact date. I recently got a new job and had a couple weeks off, so we decided to get away as our next chance wouldn't be until Christmas. We booked a few days away in Clare.

The Monday we arrived we were having a lovely dinner at the local Watervale Hotel when I said to Doug; "wouldn't if have been nice if the ring was ready and you could have proposed here?". He laughed and said that these things never work out and he'll end up having to propose on the edge of his parents' pool (whom we're living with at the moment while we build a house). I laugh/cried at this unromantic proposition and thought nothing more of it. 

Once we got back to our Airbnb, I went to the bathroom and as we were home ready to relax I came out of the bathroom with my jeans undone, ready to put on my track pants. I came out and saw Doug, standing about two metres away, phone in hand. I had no idea what was happening so said "um, what are you doing?". He pulled out the ring box and dropped to one knee (all whilst I am now shrieking "my pants are undone!") and asked me to marry him. I obviously said yes (after quickly doing up my pants)!

Totally not romantic. Very practical. Just like Doug. BUT - it was a surprise and he is terrible at surprises, so he won!"