Rachel & Alexander

Proposal: 6th January, 2021
 Site of couple's future home

The Proposal

"I’ve had my Class A ring hidden away for three months, waiting for the perfect time to propose. With the ups and downs of 2020, I planned to focus on the big milestone my beautiful partner and I committed to - building our own house. In December, the slab for our dream home was poured, and my proposal plan began to take shape. Candles, champagne, a blanket and the sunset on the foundation of our forever home seemed like the perfect plan, all that was missing was the right day.

With the hectic nature our work, it was hard to narrow down the right day, until it hit me - Rachel’s 25th birthday. So with the help of her parents and mine, I was able to turn her pre-planned beach day at Glenelg’s Moseley Beach Club into a relaxed and no expectations day, while ensuring my ‘accomplices’ were able to help me prepare the proposal site. After our day of cocktails and sunshine, I drove us past our ‘patch of dirt’ to ‘inspect the concrete’, and pointed out the new additions to the concrete - namely the blanket and candles. Unfortunately the sun was still a bit too high in the sky for the candles to be lit, but it didn’t stop Rachel from looking pleasantly surprised. As she later told me, she thought I had planned a surprise dessert picnic for the two of us for her birthday. Her surprise turned to absolute bewilderment and borderline shock when I got down on one knee and presented the gorgeous ring crafted by Class A to her. I’m not a big public speaker, so I worked for a couple weeks on a simple speech to build up to asking her the big question. That went out the window when I saw the stunned and ecstatic look on her beautiful face.

On the foundation of our forever home, I asked the big question, and she said yes."