Olivia & Justin

Proposal: 25th December, 2020
 Couple's home 

The Proposal

"It was our first Christmas in our new house that we’d just built. I love Christmas and was so excited to host in our new home. We had both our families over for lunch and had just finished eating when we started to exchange presents around the tree.

I played Santa and handed out all the presents one at a time reading out who they were for and who each one was from. Halfway through, I noticed a random present under the tree I hadn’t seen earlier in the day when organising all the gifts. It was addressed to my grandma but didn’t say who it was from and I couldn’t recognise the writing. I was so confused why no one was admitting to putting it under the tree and immediately needed to know what it was. My grandma opened the box and inside was a Baby Yoda with a tag that read “play me now” (it took a good few minutes to work out it was a USB). I was so confused and had absolutely no idea who it was from still. We put the USB in the TV and a movie with photos and videos of Justin and I began to play to Ben Folds “The Luckiest”. I still had no clue what was going on and just thought it was a sweet Christmas present for my grandma who loves photos or that Justin was possibly teasing my mum and grandma who’d been nagging him to propose - I didn’t think he was actually doing it! I sat there clueless through the entire song and at the end Justin got on one knee and asked me to marry him which is when I finally clicked and realised what was happening. Of course I said "yes"! Best surprise ever!"