Olivia & Joel

Proposal: 11th December, 2020
 Sellicks Beach

The Proposal

"I took Liv down to her favourite spot, Sellicks Beach. We were going to celebrate our anniversary with a picnic. After we set up the picnic, I asked Liv if she wanted her present. I said "pick which one you would like first - something sentimental or something you love?". She said "sentimental" and I got out apricot bites (she ate a sugar cube on our first date thinking they were apricot bites), and the something she loves was her favourite bottle of red wine. She already started crying cause she thought those gifts were so cute.

After we sat for awhile, I said "I’m going to go change the music in the car" where I got the ring out of my tool bag and changed the music to our favourite song. I told Liv to get up and dance with me. We started swaying and I was saying romantic things which she found odd so she asked if I wanted a grape. I said "not right now". She then asked, “why are you being weird? Do you want to go skim some rocks?”. When Liv turned around, I was down on one knee. She burst out crying and hugged me so tight. She eventually said yes (thank God!) and looked at the ring. It was a beautiful night."