Niki & Kon

Proposal: 31st October, 2020
 Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
Photographer: Pure Mint Photography

The Proposal

"Kon had organised a picnic at the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden. Earlier in the week, he told me to dress like I was going on a wine tour so I decided to wear heels. We arrived and found a beautiful location overlooking the water. About an hour later, a lady started walking down near us with a suitcase. She then started taking photos of the scenery using a large professional camera. I asked Kon, "What is that photographer doing here?". Kon responded, "What does it look like? She is taking photos."

Soon after, Kon decided we should take some photos of our own. He took some of me and we then switched. I started taking photos of him until he said "Wait, I’m just going to get an accessory out for the camera to block the sun". (Which seemed a little odd as there was no sun on the day). Little did I know, Kon was about to propose.

It was such a special moment and we were lucky enough to have it captured by the photographer who Kon had secretly organised. Later that night we celebrated with our close family and friends."