Lucy & Tom

Married: 26th April, 2019
Callanna Station, Marree 
Marree Town Hall
Edwina Robertson Photography

The Proposal

"9pm on a summer night, Tom walked into our room with a large rectangular box wrapped in newspaper. He announced proudly that he got this item for free with something he bought and he thought I might like it. It was a belated Valentine's present... I began unwrapping it and it turned out to be a toolbox. I was excited because I needed a new one to go in my car. I started opening the drawers and compartments and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The ring was taped to the bottom of the toolbox. I was so excited I reached down and grabbed it before he even got a chance to get up off his knee. As a bonus I got to keep the toolbox!"

The Location

"We chose to have our ceremony on Tom's family's cattle station, 650km North of Adelaide. We have been living and working there together for over 5 years. It's such a special place to us and we plan to build a future and have a family there, so it made sense to be married at home. We are in the middle of the worst drought anyone can remember, which is reflected in the photos. Most of our friends and family are experiencing this hardship along side us, but they still came and supported us and showered us with generous gifts. There's something special about the bush and the people who live there, which is why we couldn't imagine being married anywhere else."

The Ring

"Tom is such a 'blokey bloke' he had absolutely no idea what to look for, and I hadn't given him any indication either. He just walked into Class A and the girls helped him choose the most amazing ring! He chose Class A because that's where all the men in his family have gone to buy jewellery for their wives and partners."

Favourite Moment

"Our favourite moment was during our first dance. After our family, bridal party and guests joined us we stopped to take a moment and look around at how many people were there to celebrate us and having an amazing time doing it."