Leah & Jordan

Proposal: 13th June, 2022
Barossa Valley

The Proposal

"We had booked a trip to the Barossa for the June long weekend, full of all our favourite things - wineries, lots of yummy food...and a hot air balloon flight!

Jordan insisted on booking the hot air balloon ride himself a few months before, which to me seemed very suspicious as I'm always the one to book everything we do together... We didn't have high hopes for the hot air balloon as we'd heard so many stories of previous flights being cancelled due to bad weather, but we phoned the company the night before as we were asked to, and was assured that the weather was ideal flying conditions. We met at 5.30am on the Monday all excited and nervous. We were stressed about the weather so much that it hadn't really hit us that we were actually going to be floating in the open air...in a basket....by a balloon?!

The whole experience was incredible. Any fear of heights had disappeared as we took in the breathtaking sights. About 10 minutes into the flight I noticed that we had stayed at the same height the whole time. I thought it was strange but then quickly got distracted by the views and didn't think anything of it. Shortly after, Jordan nudged me and told me to "look down there". I was expecting it to be a kangaroo or a bunny as we'd seen a few from above already, but to my shock it was a white banner with the words 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?' on the ground below. I was so oblivious to it all and didn't process what it actually said until I saw Jordan holding a Class A ring box with my dream ring inside!

It was the most magical morning. I couldn't believe how romantic it was (and how romantic he could be!). I've dreamed of my proposal forever but I wasn't expecting anything like that! The hot air balloon was amazing but the proposal just made it PERFECT! To top it off, Jordan had also booked another night stay at the cutest, most romantic barn type Airbnb in the Barossa amongst the vines and had also arranged with work to give me the day off in advance. Hubby material or what?!"