Laura & Alex

Proposal: April, 2019
Location: Couple's future home

The Proposal

Alex and Laura met at uni 7 years ago. It was pretty clear straight away that what they had was special.

Laura is a self-confessed bookworm and in the house they are building, Alex’s requirement was an outdoor entertaining area and Laura's: a built in bookcase.

One day, Alex got the keys from their builder and told Laura that they needed to go to the house and 'check the position of the rainwater tank'. When Laura got there, she was greeted by their Labrador, Poppy, red rose petals and 15 books spelling out “will you marry me?”

Laura was so shocked, and after about 30 seconds of disbelief, she said YES before Alex even got to ask. He still got down on one knee (with Poppy sitting next to him) and asked Laura officially anyway.

"It was so EPIC. Our love story deserves to be in a book!"