Krystal & Dylan

Proposal: 7th August, 2021
 Crowne Plaza Adelaide

The Proposal

"It all started a few weeks back when Dylan came to me and said ‘I’m taking you for a nice weekend away in the CBD’. Currently, Dylan and I are building our dream family home together located in the hills of Gawler South, and have just finished all of our finance approvals and can finally start the build! We thought we would treat ourselves because of this milestone achievement, hence why Dylan suggested a little weekend holiday for the two of us. I wasn’t told where we were going to stay in the city or where we were going for dinner… but me being me, I managed to guess both (Dyl did give a few hints away, so I can’t take all the credit!). I thought that there may be a chance of a proposal… But it definitely did not go the way I had planned it in my head, and so I just assumed it wasn’t our time yet. Plus I knew we didn’t have much money lying around for something of this nature, and I was okay with that.

We had a lovely dinner at Sosta Argentinian Kitchen. As we sat and ate our dinner, Dylan kept checking his phone and I could see he was messaging someone. I asked why he was on his phone so much and he just said he was checking his shares. Again, I didn’t think he would be messaging Mr and Mrs Van (the company he got to set up our balloons) saying we had left our room and they could head up and set up his grand plan.

Once we finished our dinner, we proceeded to a bar we spotted on the walk to dinner to have a couple of drinks. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a seat in the bar, so decided to head back to the hotel bar instead. We had a couple of drinks and then decided to head back up to our room. It’s really funny to think back now; Dylan had two drinks very quickly and I just had one I was sipping on, plus he was very quiet as we got into the lift and went back upstairs to our room. He later revealed he was a bit nervous, even though he had nothing to worry about and knew I’d say yes!

I opened the door to our room and proceeded into the dark. Nothing looked any different from the way we left our room. My shoes were scattered on the floor with other potential outfit options. (Before we left, Dyl kept telling me I was a ‘grub’ ((inside joke between the two of us)) and said “tidy up a bit Krystal”. I didn’t take any notice and just laughed it off. It didn’t even cross my mind that people would be coming into our room to set something like that up!). As I walked around the corner, there it all was! “Marry Me” in big gold letters, with love heart balloons all around. I had the room key, my shoes and handbag in my arms/hands as I walked around the corner and they all came crashing down as I honestly could not believe what was in front of me. It took some time to process, but I was already in tears. When I turned Dylan was already on one knee and began his proposal. The tears were definitely flowing by this time and I got out a “yes” and he put this stunning ring on my finger. It was so surreal, I don’t think I stopped crying for an hour, all happy tears of course! But wow, I was just blown away with all the effort he put in.

After calling all of our family and friends we proceeded back down to the bar and had some more celebratory drinks. It definitely is a night neither one of us will forget, that’s for sure! Dylan did so well with everything and I absolutely love my ring! A big thank you to Donna from Class A, you were absolutely amazing when we came in to 'just have a look' one day and you had to act like you’d never met Dylan before."