Katie & Alex

Proposal: August, 2020
 Norwood Oval 
Photographer: Elle DS Photography (black and white images)

The Proposal

Knowing their plans of getting engaged, Alex's mum gifted Katie and Alex with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings to use for the creation of their engagement rings.

After working with Daniel over the course of a few months on the two designs, the rings were finally ready to be picked up and the race was on as to who was going to pop the question first! 

Alex's Proposal:
After sneakily taking the day off work, and with Katie out of the house at a brunch date, Alex set up the house with beautiful notes, photos, balloons and of course the ring, ready for Katie to come home.

Katie's Proposal:
A month later, Katie surprised Alex with a slideshow proposal on the big screen at an empty Norwood Oval (where they first met at an AFLW match just over two years prior), followed by dinner with their close friends and family.

"Daniel and Class A Jewellers were wonderful to work with and did the original diamonds justice working them into a beautiful, unique ring for each of us."