Jessica & Nicholas

Proposal: 6th March, 2021
 The Manor Basket Range

The Proposal

"Being a long weekend and a beautiful sunny day, I was told we were going for wine tasting and lunch at The Manor. We got to our table located at a balcony terrace overlooking the hills and I asked my boyfriend to come sit closer to me to enjoy the view. To which he replied "sure, in a sec. Check out today's specials". I checked our menu and read the words twice. To my surprise, Nicholas created the menu himself and added "Jessica will you marry me? I love you" under every meal subtitle. When I read this I instantly burst out "OMG are you serious?!" and that's when he got onto one knee and presented me with the most amazing ring I've ever seen and asked me to marry him. I quickly said "of course", jumped out of my seat and hugged him so tight because I was so happy until he asked me, "is that a yes?". Of course "yes" was my answer! Meanwhile in the background, a photographer emerged from the bushes and captured many photos of us which we will cherish forever.

The rest of the day was amazing. We simply soaked it all in and enjoyed our afternoon at The Manor just the two of us being in the moment before driving home to tell the all the family. Lucky it was a long weekend! I'm still so surprised he pulled this off."