Hannah & Jake

Proposal: 17th September, 2021
 Jake's family farm, Yorke Peninsula

The Proposal

"Jake and I were going to the Adelaide Hills for a weekend away. On our way, we had to stop at his family farm to grab Jake's wallet that was left in a ute in the paddock. The ute was parked on top of a hill with a beautiful view of lots of other paddocks and the ocean. Jake grabbed his wallet and asked me to drive the ute back to his main farm. As I got in, there was a beautiful bunch of red roses. I looked in my rear vision mirror and Jake got out of the car we arrived in and came over to me. I got out and Jake got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

After I said yes we went for a little drive in the paddock to another spot on the farm and he had set up tables and chairs with a yummy platter, bottle of Moet and some beers. We sat there and enjoyed the moment and then his mum arrived (she is an amazing photographer) to capture some beautiful photos for us as the sun set."