Emily & Niall

Proposal: 12th November, 2022
Deep Creek National Park 

The Proposal

"Niall had started to think about proposing in September and started the process of getting the ring made. With Christmas fast approaching, Niall planned a date day for November 12 which was our only free weekend under the guise we were going for a hike.

We had been to Deep Creek many times and it became a special spot to us. Leading up to the day it was forecasted to rain but he remained optimistic that the forecast would change or the rain would be minimal. By Friday it was clear it was going to rain, but we had no idea how much.

Come Saturday, we made our way down to Deep Creek and it was pouring. Although that was the case, we agreed that we should do a small walk and make the most of it. We didn’t walk too far, and as the valley opened up and we could see the ocean, he stopped me. Niall read out a lovely speech and got down on one knee. It was so special and magical, like a scene out of The Notebook.

We headed back down to Adelaide just as the storm hit its peak. But then the sun came out and we celebrated with our mothers and went out for a lovely dinner."