Casey & Clinton

Married: 29th February, 2020
Mount Lofty House 
Mount Lofty House 
Kylie South Photography

The Proposal

"Clint is really quite the manly man, rarely shows public affection... but clearly the closet romantic as you'll soon learn.

It was our 6-year anniversary - Thursday, 20th of December 2018. Clint is a tradie and usually gets up before I do, so I heard him get up and about 10 minutes later he comes back into the bedroom and wakes me up to say happy anniversary. Clint then proceeds to tell me that I'm not going to work and I have an hour to get ready and pack an overnight bag.

He popped a blindfold on me and drove me around our town a bit and we ended up at our fave cafe for breakfast. We went in and he was acting quite odd but told me we were going over to Kangaroo Island for the night. The weather was quite windy and Clint was freaking out. He said we have to fly there and our flight was going to be delayed. I kept asking him why he was so concerned, it wasn't a big deal. We had time to kill so we went and saw some family and just hang out for a bit. He was on and off the phone non-stop though, eventually he got a call to say it was time to go.

The blindfold got put back on and he drove me to our private plane. He made me get in still blindfolded and little did I know, he was setting up cameras. We took off and he asked if I wanted to fly over my family farm to take some aerial photos for my parents for Christmas. I thought that was a lovely idea and agreed that Dad would love that.

We started getting closer and I was pointing out some of our landmarks to our pilot when I saw the huge words written in hay bales... 'MARRY ME CASEY'. I was in shock and turned to Clint and there he was with a ring and asked me to marry him. It was the most amazing moment and even better, he filmed the whole thing and got a videographer to put it together - from setting out the hay bales the week before, to the moment we got engaged.... I cry every time I watch it!"

The Ring

"Clint worked with the amazing staff at Class A to have my engagement ring designed and made. He knew that I wanted a delicate ring and yellow gold and he absolutely nailed it. It is perfection.

We both got our wedding bands from Class A as well as the service is amazing. I had trouble selecting what I wanted as I wanted to still highlight how delicate my engagement ring is. I knew I wanted something a bit different and not to have a matching wedder. I saw the leaf style rings in the showroom but there were no yellow gold ones in stock so they made one for me and when I tried it I knew that it was what I wanted. I love the way it looks with my engagement ring. Clint had a yellow gold wedder made for him and again it looks great.

We can't thank Class A enough for their help with our rings . Every time we come in we always are made to feel valued and they always give the rings a clean for us which is awesome. We 100% recommend Class A and think they're absolutely amazing at what they do."

Favourite Moment

"Oh wow, how do you pick just one??? We have so many special memories from the day such as walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time (we both had plenty of tears in our eyes!). Another absolute stand out was during the ceremony was when our celebrant asked us both to look out at everyone for a minute or so and it was magic looking at our 180 guests made up of our beautiful families and friends - we loved that moment so much. Saying our vows to each other was so special too. We honestly can't pick just one moment - our whole day was absolutely magic."