Caitlin & Meiles

Proposal: 24th December, 2020
 Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

The Proposal

After having the ring for four months and many failures to launch, Meiles decided that Christmas Eve would be the perfect date.

He told Caitlin to clear her schedule for a surprise date day. It started off with a breakfast at My Kingdom For A Horse. Meiles then drove Caitlin up to the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens where he organised a picnic. When they got there, Caitlin was hanging around the car and Meiles couldn’t work out how he was going to sneakily take the ring out of his golf shoe in the boot so thought to himself, "I’ll have to come back".

They organised their picnic spot and Meiles needed to 'quickly run to the bathroom' (aka grab the ring). When Meiles came back, he popped a bottle of champagne and told Caitlin to have a candid photo looking at the lake - which she happily obliged. After a couple of snaps, he told her to turn around to check the photo which is the moment Caitlin discovered Meiles on one knee. After a few shocked “what do you mean?!”s from Caitlin, she finally said "YES!"