Britney & Dillon

Proposal: 24th April, 2022
Home Sweet Home

The Proposal

"Dillon decided he wanted to propose at home as it was sentimental being our first home together. I went off to work for the day while he spent time with my best friends setting up. When I got home, Dillon’s brother was out the front and told me I wasn’t allowed to walk in with any of my belongings. I instantly knew something was up and just started crying. He opened the door for me, there was music playing and the hallway was lit up with candles. He had pictures of us hanging from love hearted balloons, placed evenly down the hallway. As I made my way to the end, there he was standing there in front of the most magical setting. The floor was covered in white rose petals and candles. There was a huge white balloon garland, floral arrangements and the words ‘marry me’ in big light up letters. It was absolutely beautiful. I just cried the entire time as he took my hands and then got down on one knee. I was blown away with how much effort he put in. There was so much detail and thought that went into it. I absolutely said YES!! My ring is stunning, I love it so much!"