Belle & Riley

Married: 5th March, 2022
 Paxton Wines 
Paxton Wines 
Nathan Story - Story Studio

The Proposal

"We were camping with some mates at Mount Crawford over the weekend. On our last day we were planning on packing up the campsite and heading to a winery on the way home. We headed to the winery on our own, however, on the way Riley stopped in a different section of the forest. Riley had organised for his sister to set up the proposal spot while we were camping, however, he couldn't find it anywhere! After a couple of 'cooees' from Riley's sister and walking through the forest for a little bit looking for the proposal spot, we finally found it! Through the trees, Riley had built a beautiful teepee with jute rugs, little candles and had a letter waiting for me to read! I was so excited that I didn't get through reading the letter before Riley started talking and asked me to marry him in which I screamed 'YES!!!'

After the proposal we headed to the winery where our friends were waiting for us full of joy as they had known the entire weekend! We then headed home and had dinner with our very excited families!"

The Rings

"I originally wanted a simple oval solitaire diamond ring and would later compliment it with a V shaped wedding ring with diamond in them. Riley opted for a brushed metal look with a rounded shape for his wedding ring."

Favourite Moment

"It was such a beautifully relaxed day! Our guests were in such high spirits and we just loved all the love that filled the room! Our ceremony was perfect and really reflected us and our relationship! The food, the marquee setup, the speeches (WOW!) and mostly the dancing! We don't think we could choose a favourite moment - the entire day was just so special!"