New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year, from Class A Jewellers!

With 2021 finally here and underway, we’re finding ourselves focussing less on the past and more on the realm of possibilities that lay ahead of us in this brand new year. New friendships are being made, old relationships are being fostered, (many) babies are being born, and we are overall feeling the renewal that comes with a fresh year unfolding before us. 

If you’re wanting to spread a little New Year love, we’ve comprised a list of gift ideas for the special people in your life, to say I Love You, Congratulations or simply, Thank You.

I’m sure we all know at least one person having a baby this year! Finding the perfect gift is no simple task, and often leaves us stressing over whether our gift will accurately and uniquely express our joy for the new baby.

These initial bracelets and necklaces make a great gift for the birth of a child, or an adorable matching set for mum and bub!


If the baby’s name is yet to be announced, padlock bracelets can be an adorable option. These chain link bracelets feature a nameplate that can be engraved with a special message, date or name once the baby is born, and can be adjusted to fit as the child grows. 

9ct Gold Child's ID Padlock Bracelet


Birthstone jewellery always makes a great and personalised gift, but in recent years these stones have made a major trend comeback!

Dazzling garnet is the official birthstone for January. If someone special in your life was born this month (baby or otherwise), why not gift them with a stunning piece of garnet jewellery?


Eternity rings are traditionally the third and final piece to your bridal ring set, after your engagement and wedding rings. While your engagement ring symbolises a promise and your wedding ring symbolises commitment, an eternity ring symbolises everlasting love and eternal devotion to one’s partner. These rings are also often given to celebrate the birth of one’s first child, representing the eternal circle of life.

If 2021 is the year of celebrating a special anniversary, milestone or birth, an eternity ring may be just the gift to convey your feelings to the one you love.



And, if you’re thinking 2021 might be “the year” we have an extensive collection of engagement rings to browse through online, or come and visit us in our showroom to discuss custom designs and more!

While we haven’t been able to create plans and goals for the year ahead on as large a scale as usual, we hope that your 2021 is filled with all of the things that are truly important - love, connection and hope.