Trending: The Marquise Cut

Every once in a while and seemingly out of nowhere, we see a cut of diamond sky rocket from an old favourite to a trending must-have. Suddenly coveted by all and adorned by celebrities and fashionistas alike, it's hard to ignore the rapid resurrection of these pieces. 

Recently we have seen the marquise cut whirl its way into the spotlight, creating a huge demand for engagement rings and other special pieces of jewellery incorporating this design. 

With its striking and distinctive shape, it's not hard to see why the marquise cut is becoming a top choice for the stylish woman looking for a piece to match her individuality.

Here's why you should consider a marquise cut diamond for your engagement ring!

  • It has an adorable history

Rumour has it that the design originated in the 18th century, created by a jeweller hired by King Louis XV who wanted a unique diamond as an ode to his beloved mistress' (the Marquise of Pompadour's) perfectly shaped mouth. Talk about romance!

An alternative name for the marquise cut is the "navette", French for "little ship" - which we also think is pretty cute.

  • Its shape makes it look larger than its actual carat weight

If size is important to you, the marquise cut is certainly worth considering.

Because of its elongated body and pointed ends, it has a large top-view surface area. This means that you are able to have your stone look bigger in this shape than in any other.

  • It elongates the fingers

Hands come in all shapes and sizes, and we believe all are beautiful! However, a little additional assistance on nailing the perfect ring selfie is always welcomed!

The marquise cut flatters most hand shapes and elongates the fingers, making them appear thinner and longer. 

This is best brought to life in solitaire and halo settings, bringing attention to the timelessly stylish piece through the unique and captivating shape of the stone.

  • Some of our favourite celebrities are sporting them

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Image Source: WireImage

Catherine pairs her 10-carat marquise cut ring with matching wedding band, adorned with micro pavé diamonds for a truly captivating set.

Victoria Beckham

Image Source:

While Mrs. Beckham currently sports a pear cut (she owns 14 engagement rings - can you imagine?), her original ring was a gorgeous marquise solitaire.  

 Portia de Rossi

Image Source:

Ellen DeGeneres proposed to Portia with a stunning 3-carat marquise cut dazzler, nestled beside smaller pink diamonds on a vintage twisted band. If this doesn't spell romance then we don't know what does!

Christina Milian

Image Source:

Never failing to look effortlessly chic, Christina flaunts a marquise set in a double french-set band.

What do you think of the marquise cut? 

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