How To: Cleaning your Diamond Jewellery

There’s a reason diamonds are the perfect stone for frequently-worn, significant pieces of jewellery. Not only do they represent commitment and eternal love, they are also considered to be the most scratch-resistant material on earth.

We recommend having your jewellery professionally cleaned once every six months, however there are a number of ways to ensure your precious bling stays dazzling between cleans. Having an ongoing care routine will allow your diamonds to always shine, and will keep the precious metals and settings in top condition to avoid any potential damage or breakage. Read on for our tips and tricks!

Important to know:

  • Your diamond may be resilient, but it can still be a magnet for grease/oils from fingers with everyday wear. But don’t fret - even a simple polish with a lint-free cloth can go a long way!
  • The surrounding metals and settings can be fragile or delicate (particularly in vintage/antique jewellery), so be sure to always handle your jewellery and cleaning materials with care.
  • Avoid harmful solutions, such as chlorine bleach or abrasives (e.g. toothpaste, many household cleaners, etc.) as these can scratch and greatly damage the metals and settings of your jewellery.

How To Clean Your Jewellery At Home:
(For platinum, silver or gold diamond jewellery)

  1. Mix a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid with some warm water in a bowl and set aside.
  2. Place jewellery in the bowl and allow to soak in the solution for 30-40 minutes.
  3. Use a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt, oil or residue from makeup, fake tan, hairspray etc., paying close attention to intricacies of the settings and the back of the diamond.
  4. Rinse under warm running water.
  5. Repeat once every few weeks.

If you're after a quick and thorough alternative method, we also have jewellery cleaning solution available for purchase in-store or online

To ensure your jewellery stays sparkling for longer, the following tips can easily be followed and incorporated into your regular routines:

  • Remove your jewellery when cooking, bathing, at the beach, cleaning, gardening, exercising and playing sport.
  • Avoid exposure to any chemicals, sunscreens or lotions, as well as sand and cleaning agents.
  • Keep your jewellery in a safe place, away from dust and dirt when not being worn. (Jewellery holders and cleaning cloths can be bought in-store!).

While at-home cleaning is an easy and simple way to ensure your jewellery always attracts the attention it deserves, having your pieces professionally cleaned every few months is a much more thorough and long-lasting method, keeping it in gleaming condition for longer! We offer professional cleaning services at Class A, as well as lifetime complimentary cleaning on our manufactured products. Don’t hesitate to visit us if you’ve got a piece of jewellery that needs some extra love and care!